Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Primitive Pick

I thought long and hard about what this week's primitive pick would be and it was right under my nose the whole time!   


Yes, baskets.  It may not seem very primitive to some people, but they don't have to be.  Baskets are a great way to organize when you are short on space.  What will blend in better with your decor - a plastic tote or a basket?  I don't know if I can think of a better multi-purpose decorative item.  I'm going to share some ideas and pictures with you (some from my home and some from the professionals) that will hopefully spark some ideas of your own.  

Closet Solutions
My linen closet
When we moved into our house, one major goal I had was to organize the nice-sized linen closet that we now had.  These baskets were the perfect size for all our extra personal items.  

Clutter Baskets
Better Homes & Gardens

My house (also notice in the background the wire basket for all the cars and trucks)

Better Homes & Gardens

My house (A basket used for bills and/or mail and documents to be filed away)
Let's face it - we all have clutter in some way, shape, or form.  Baskets are a great way to disguise it a little.  Whether it's mail, toys, craft supplies, or magazines, put those things that tend to pile up in a basket to keep in out of sight, but not far away.  

Stow & Go
Better Homes & Gardens

Front hall bench at my house
There is about a 6 sq. ft. area just inside my front door where everything tends to land when we come in the door.  Anyone else have this problem?  Oh, and we have a coat closet immediately to the left when you walk in the house.  Yet somehow there are always those odds and ends that are always kicking around but you never want far.  This storage bench solves this problem for us.  One basket has Jadon's shoes, another has extra winter hats and gloves, and the third has some church odds and ends.  The best part is, Jadon knows exactly where to find his shoes and where to put them away - they are in his reach!

Kitchen Organization
Better Homes & Gardens (I have no baskets in my pantry... It's definitely an area in my house that could use some love!)

A basket in my kitchen to hold wet wipes and some of Jadon's table activities, like Play-Doh.
We are blessed with having a fairly new kitchen.  Unfortunately there isn't a ton of cabinet space.  Getting creative with some baskets on the counters or in the cabinets can help to maximize the limited space you have and keep things looking tidy.   

Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are a wonderful idea for any gift-giving occasion - Christmas, baby shower, Mother's Day, even Valentine's Day.  One word of advice... give a quality basket.  So often the baskets given with gift baskets are cheap and useless (believe me... I've thrown out plenty!).  The basket is part of the gift, so give one that will last.  


I'm proud to say this is my house!  This grungy basket was an $8 thrift store find, and the faux foliage was found at a primitive store. 
Even though baskets are such a great way to organize your house, you don't always need them to serve two purposes.  Sometimes a basket can be there just to look nice! 

Is it no surprise that my 22-month old toddler has been saying "basket for about two months now?  I love them!  Hopefully you've been inspired to tackle some of those unloveable areas of your home and make them cared for and organized! 

~ Carrie ~ 


  1. I love baskets for keeping groups of things corraled... like pens, stapler, calculator, stamps & envelopes for bill paying, tapes and CDs to play on the kitchen player, napkins and tableware. And a big one to keep the fresh fruit out where we are more likely to grab that for a snack than junk food.

  2. Me too! Although, I have a 2-tiered plate rack on our bar that I use for our fruit.

    Andy read this blog post (and looked at all the pictures that were taken from our house) and said, "I didn't realize we had so baskets in our house!" To which I replied, "Yeah, and I didn't even photograph all of them!"