Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Life in "The County"

Happy Mother's Day, From My Hubby

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whatever happened to that "to do" list?

Back in January I came up with my master to do list for 2012.  It was lofty... but if you can't be ambitious with a list then what can you be ambitious about?  So, about a month later, I posted an update on how my to do list was coming along.  Then March and April hit annnd... life got really crazy.  Thankfully, we are moving along in the process!  My hubby and I have just been so busy with the list and life that there's been no update!  So here's what's been happening...


I had these high hopes of getting our entry hall, stairwell, and upstairs hallway painted (the only areas of our home, other than the basement, that we have not painted since moving here 2.5 years ago).  It's bugged me for a long time that as soon as you enter our home you are greeted with white flat paint.  Yuck.  So, at the end of February and beginning of March I convinced the hubby to help me do at least the front hall and up to the top of the stairs.  (Seriously, what decent and intelligent man says no to his 6 month pregnant wife.)

We did it all in pretty much 2 weekends.  I'm thankful to Andy for doing the bulk of it (and making several trips to Home Depot).  We paint well together.  We both do the taping.  I do the trim, he does all the rolling.  

The entry hall walls were painted "sagey" and I don't love it.  I'm not sure how long it will stay this way, but I wasn't about to make my hubby go through me picking another paint... again.  The stairwell walls are a very neutral "cornerstone" that I like.  It really makes a difference and I can't wait until we get the upstairs hall done, too!  Here are a few before and after pictures.  


The plan is to eventually make a new rag garland and make or find a new pillow for the bench that will include some of the sage, gold/mustard, and black colors that in the hallway.  For now I'm content enough to call it done and have moved onto the next thing. 

Jadon's Scrapbook

Well, very little progress was made on the scrapbook.  I think I've done 2 more pages since the last update.  But, progress is progress...  No pictures, so you'll have to take me at my word.  The weather has been so nice, who wants to sit inside and scrapbook!

The Nursery 

Well, I'm not really going to give away any new pictures of the actual nursery, but we've made a lot of progress.  I've done some projects and shopping and am very happy with how everything is coming along.  Hopefully by the next "update" I will have tackled the closet... 

After a lot of shopping around (my poor, poor husband), I finally got a crib bedding set that I love!  I had purple in mind for the nursery from the beginning.  I also knew that I didn't want to decorate the room in a way that made it seem too grown up.  It's a little girl's room and I want it to have that feel - pretty, fun, and girly (to contrast the little boy that I have who's current favorite thing to do is play/dig in the dirt... oi).  

Andy (and Jadon) worked on installing double curtain rods (Christmas Tree Shops - $7.99 each).  Cheap screws kind of made the job a hassle, but they are all up and look really nice.  Just don't yank on my curtains...

Here are the curtains that I got.  I really had initially considered making panels myself, but as I have been in that room more and more I've realized it is the sunniest of the 3 bedrooms in our house (particularly the afternoon and late day sun).  That, combined with the fact that since the time change my son has most often been up between 6 and 6:30 am, was enough for me to decide to invest in thermal blackout curtains (as I'm about to do the same for his room which gets the morning sun).  There will be no regrets for me.  I found these (that match pretty perfectly to the crib bedding) at Target for $14.99 each.  One for each window will be enough.  Shortly I'll be tackling a kind of curtain tie project that I'm going to make up as I go along.  (That's always scary... for everyone in our house, so prayers are much appreciated.)

Speaking of projects... here is just a part of a project I was inspired to do from a Pinterest idea I saw.  I definitely went about it a whole lot different, but it was a success and I'm very proud of it.  I'll reveal the entire project and directions on how I did it... eventually.  

Last, but certainly not least, here's a sneak peek at the baby bedding we purchased, as well as the mobile my mom bought to go with it.  This set is from Target.  It was initially more than what I wanted to spend on baby bedding, but... you know me... why pay full price when you can stress and wait impatiently for weeks until it goes on sale at a price you're more comfortable with.   Yup, that's what I did.  So if you follow the link to the Target site, I paid about $20 less, plus had free shipping (it's an online only item).  Normally I worry about getting something like bedding without actually holding it in my hands first, but our Target actually had this set on a display crib in the store, so I checked it all out before purchasing!  

That's about all for an update for now.  Up next on the list is our yard sale, set to happen on Memorial Day weekend.  Hopefully we get rid of a lot of stuff and make a little money.  We have 6 weeks until the due date, so lots to do between now and then!  

~ Carrie ~