Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Home Pick
This week's home pick is...

Yard Sales

... or whatever you happen to call them (garage sales, tag sales, etc.).  You know what I mean.  Besides the budding trees and green grass, as sure sign that spring has arrived are the countless yard sale signs that line the streets and major intersections.  Living outside of Boston has showed me that people go nuts for yard sales around here!  The newest rage is to advertise your yard sale on popular forums, such as craigslist.  If you aren't big on driving around from yard sale to yard sale, look for signs/advertisements for "community" or "multi-family" yard sales.  You'll be sure find a lot of stuff in a relatively small area.  

Although it can be somewhat addictive, yard sale-ing can be very practical, in addition to thrifty.  The thing that you must remind yourself of as you go is to only get what you need or know you will use.  Otherwise, in six months you'll just be adding to your own stash of eventual yard sale stuff.  So, if you don't know what you'd do with it or where you'd put it, then it's probably best to just say no.  (This statement can probably be applied to more than just yard sale shopping, but I don't think I'll go there... :P)

I haven't done a ton of yard sale-ing this year, but I have hit up the occasional huge yard sales with tons of good-looking stuff, as well as the yard sales the neighbors are having.  

To date, this is my biggest yard sale find this summer (although there is still time!).  I got the purple chair (which I'm planning on sanding and painting black) for $3, the books on the chair were given to Jadon by the lady running the yard sale :), the old wood-framed windows were $1 each (there are 4 total - some craftiness coming down the road with there...), and the old-fashioned kid's all wood rocking chair was $2!  This chair is in our living room and Jadon uses it all the time!  Yup, that's $9 for everything!  (I only had a $10 bill and told the lady I didn't want any change because this was such a steal and because she was so incredibly helpful carrying and loading all this stuff into my husband's car, since he had my van that day - figures...)   

Other items from yard sales this year include a few toys (mostly for our church nursery), kids' DVDs (VeggieTales, Sesame Street, etc), and a very cute winter-themed stationary set that was still in the original packaging.  

I'm looking forward, now that I'm home, to getting out to a few other yard sales between now and Labor Day weekend (FYI, in my experience, the number of yard sales dwindle considerably after Labor Day).  So stay alert!  You never know what "treasures" you may be able to find at a yard sale!  

~ Carrie ~

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