Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Home Pick

So, I'm in the process (finally) of redecorating Jadon's room to step it up from the nursery that it was an actual "big boy" room.  We've got most of the stuff... the bunks beds, the mattresses, the bedding, and a "new" nightstand.  What's holding us back are a few projects that I'm hoping will be completed (or mostly completed... I'm a realist) by the end of the weekend.  So hopefully I'll have picks of his room up next week!  

For now, this week's home pick is a sneak peek at a little wall art that will be hung in his new room.  It should give you an idea of what's to come!  

I bought the frame at Christmas Tree Shops for $10 (4-8x10s).  Then I ripped apart one of the bed skirts that came with Jadon's bedding (not needed for bunk beds), cut the fabric down, and mounted it on cardstock with mod podge.  After it dried, I used my stencils ($1 each at a dollar store) and some acrylic paint to create the above artwork.  I'm not incredibly artsy (especially when I don't have a set of directions to go by), but stencils are in my safe zone!  Hopefully there will be more creativity to come!

~ Carrie ~

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