Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 Thumbs Up

You know at the top of your web browser where you can type a web address in?  Just to the left of that is often a picture the corresponds with the particular website you are perusing.  This is called, I recently found out, a "favicon".  (Please don't laugh if you consider this to be common knowledge.  My computer terminology is average at best.)  If you are a blogger and you use Blogspot, you have an ugly white "B" inside an orange box.  But, not me anymore!  I found a great site that had a tutorial on how to change it!  It was incredibly easy and I had to share it with any fellow bloggers out there who may be interested.  No joke, I spent all of 15 minutes on the entire thing.  Done.  (My computer savvy husband was quite impressed.)  So...

My 2 Thumbs Up goes to 

Give it a try!

~ Carrie ~ 

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