Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Not Fun, But Get It Done

Like it or not, fall is just about here.  New Englanders seem to both dread and love fall.  We dread it because it seems like we just start getting used to the warm weather and it turns dark and cold again.  We love it because fall in New England is beautiful!  I love it because I get to pull out all my fall decor, and I'm really ready for a change.  I'm getting bored with my summer decor and love the colors and smells that fall brings!

This post is not about my fall decor.  I'll do that in the next couple week probably.  The thing that has been on my mind has been the holidays.  (I can practically hear some of you groaning at the thought of such a chaotic time of year, but that's exactly why I'm thinking about it.)  I was thinking about how there are so many things that we want to do this fall as a family, and then Thanksgiving comes along, and then the rush until Christmas, then Christmas and the New Year... yeah, it gets busy, fast.

My thought is, before we get to the fun fall activities, I need to start on my list of not fun fall activities - things that will hopefully make life a little less crazy when all I want to do is spend time with my family.  So, here it is... my list of not fun fall activities.

The Not Fun Fall To-Do List
  1. Yard work - It has to be done, right?  Raking, bagging leaves, trimming, putting away outdoor summer toys, cleaning the porch, etc.  My goal is to not put this off.  Just do it and get it done with. 
  2. Clean windows - My windows are always filthy - and I clean then fairly often.  Just as soon as I clean them, little fingers come along and smudge them all up.  Oh well.  The outside of the windows are not cleaned ever very often.  I don't want to stare at smudgy windows throughout the winter when I can't do anything about it.  They need to be cleaned. 
  3. Clean the fridge - This is one of my least favorite household chores (that and ironing, which I rarely do).  But, it has to be done.  Before all of the baking starts, the out-of-town guests arrive, and big family dinners start being planned, give the fridge a good, thorough cleaning - then breathe a big sigh of relief. 
  4. Organize pantry items and stock up - Purge some of the things that are way past their expiration date, then evaluate what is left.  Eat what you've been meaning to have for a long time, and take note of what you are missing.  Then, stock up on those pantry items that are constantly being used throughout the holidays (baking supplies, seasonings, etc.).  Doing this will cut down on those last minute trips to the grocery store for 1 or 2 things your forgot to get.  (This does happen to everyone, right?)
  5. Major de-cluttering - I don't know about you, but I spent so much time outside and traveling throughout the summer that I recently got looking around my house and realized how much clutter has built up.  I think I've just been out and about so much that I didn't really notice it.  Well, it's on its way out.  Old magazines were at the top of my list!
  6. Go through toys and purge! - Christmas will be here before we know it, so go through the toys.  Pack away the ones that are no longer played with.  I'm even going to pack up an "emergency" box of toys that he still plays with and stash it in a closet to pull out on a day when we just need something "new".  With toddlers, if it's been a month, then it's as good as new! 
  7. Stock up on craft supplies - As the weather gets colder, more time will be spent inside.  Stock up on random, fun craft supplies so that the creative juices are free to flow this fall and winter.  Pipe cleaners, fuzzy pompoms, and a paper bag can provide lots of entertainment on a cold day.  Be prepared!
  8. Pull out the warm clothes - It's okay to do this before it's freezing cold outside.  Make sure you know where everything is and evaluate what new things are needed (especially hats, gloves, mittens, and jackets).  Don't be caught out in a cold day with no hat and holes in your gloves! 
  9. Start thinking about Christmas - You don't need to start your shopping yet (although it wouldn't hurt).  But if you do plan on making any gifts, start planning now.  Don't stress yourself (and family) out by waiting until 2 weeks before Christmas to make some gifts you've been intending to do for a month.  Start planning now! 
  10. Plan for family Christmas picture - Oh, this one is really personal.  We were very last minute on this last year, and I am determined to get on top of it this year.  Fall is a really nice time of year for outdoor family pictures - but even if you don't take it yet, plan it out (location, clothing, person to take it, where to order pics, etc.).  
I am convinced that if I do these things, my fall and holiday season will be way less stressful.  I hope I get everything done soon, so that I can enjoy my list of FUN family activities!  Maybe you have some different "to-dos" that will help you out...

~ Carrie ~ 

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  1. I tend to do fall cleaning instead of spring cleaning. Cannot stand going into a winter of being stuck in the house when it is cluttered and dirty. I have stopped raking in the fall though. Matt mulches them up with the riding lawn mower and we have one of those sweeper things that goes behind it. And we always have to rake again in the spring. So I've stopped bothering in the fall. Less work. lol.