Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Home Pick

Due to a number of things going on, I'm a little behind this week.  If you read last week's home pick, I mentioned that this week I would be sharing Jadon's room redo.  Well sadly, it is not finished.  It's close.  We have one major holdup, so next week will definitely be the week!  I will say that the room is really coming together.  I'm so happy with how it's coming.  I can't wait for it to be done!  

Sooooo... this week's home pick is...

Memo/Memory Boards!  

My husband and I have debated what these things are actually called and, come to find out... we're both right.  They've got a couple of different names, but you've probably seen them before and know what I'm talking about.  

After finishing some curtains for our church's nursery, I had a bunch of leftover fabric and decided to make two memory boards (also for the nursery).  All we had to buy was the plywood.  I used an awesome tutorial at the Motherhood for Dummies blog.  In case you are wondering what I used for materials, I'll include that below.

The Beginning

Materials I used...

  • 1/4-inch Plywood
  • Low-loft quilter's batting)
  • Pretty fabric
  • Staple gun
  • 5/8" Covered buttons that I made with some fabric I had and a covered button kit
  • 3/8-inch Ribbon (1/2-inch would probably work, too)
  • Hot glue gun
The End

I cannot tell you how easy and cheap this project was... and really cute, too!  These things are great in just about any room for pictures, to do lists, reminders, etc.  They can even be framed (so cute)!  Anyway, there you have my very first (of what I'm sure will be many) memory boards.  Stay tuned once Christmas time nears for another practical use for memory boards during the holidays!  

~ Carrie ~


  1. I love this type of memo board! It seems to stay nicer longer than a regular corkboard (with tack holes in it all over!) Micah helped me make 2 from windows that were in our old house. I keep one in my craft space for special cards I received or bits of inspiration and the other went into Joanna's room for her memory keepsakes. I like the striped fabric you used---very sweet!

  2. Thanks Jen! They were so easy to make! Wish I had a couple old window that would have worked, but I guess I will have to keep looking around for some! I love seeing all of your updates around your house! It all looks soooo beautiful!