Friday, June 3, 2011

Can't Help But Laugh

You know those moments as a parent when you just can't help but laugh at your child - even when he/she is being less than obedient?  My husband is more prone to bust a gut when one of these moments comes along, but I too have had several of these moments since becoming a mom.  Earlier this week, my husband and I both had a moment like this that took the cake.  

It was nearing supper time at our house, which often seems to be a difficult time for our son - whether he's trying to grab a snack from the pantry, whining to help "cook", or wanting to play outside 5 minutes before we're ready to eat.  On this particular evening, Jadon had a HUGE meltdown in the kitchen.  Over what?  Honestly, neither my husband nor I remember!  Whatever it was, he was not at all satisfied with the situation and went into full 2-year old tantrum mode.  (I apologize for not mentioning that parts of this story are downright scary...)  

My husband, Andy (bless his heart), was the one dealing with the whole issue, as I was an innocent bystander simply preparing dinner for my family.  After a couple attempts on Andy's part to deal with the issue, Jadon was quickly whisked away for a time-out in the nearby hallway on the bottom step (to collect himself and then talk it out with Dad).  Time-out was served, Jadon was still fussing (but not all out crying), and Andy attempted to have the "what did you do wrong" conversation, but before he could hardly get a word out the tears (and anger) came flowing again.  Time-out part 2 began (which was almost worse than before).  Andy and I stood in the kitchen waiting for the tantrum to fizzle out (again) when all of a sudden, in the midst of his tears and sniffles, we heard the two words "Holy God" being sung over and over again.  In the midst of an aggravating situation, Andy and I were suddenly consumed with joy and laughter at the thought of this particular song coming to our son's mind in the midst of an unhappy moment for him.  This song was "The Gospel Song".  Think of it like a newer "Jesus Loves Me" - a simple tune primarily intended for children.  The words of "The Gospel Song", however, strike a little deeper - which is why we often sing it to our son.  (Click here to listen.)

Holy God, in love, became
Perfect man to bear my blame
On the cross He took my sin
By His death I live again

This is a favorite song of Jadon's, and one of several songs that we usually sing with him at bedtime.  Never did we expect him in the midst of a major meltdown to begin singing this song.  At that moment, Andy and I could not contain our laughter (although we tried).  After getting most of the laughs stifled and wiping the happy tears from our eyes, Andy then went to deal with our completely settled down 2-year old, who was still sitting on that bottom step.  He was ready to recognize his poor choice and apologize.  (Dinner ended up being fine, too!)  

Although a reminder of the holiness of God was not exactly needed at that moment, God used it to bring peace to our home (at least for that moment), and gave Mom and Dad a good side-splitting laugh that everyone needs every once in a while!  

~ Carrie ~

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  1. A precious moment!! Thank you for raising Jadon to know the one true Holy God, who made the way of salvation possible! I'm learning that every moment with Lily is an opportunity to share God's love and grace with her, so that one day she may come to know Jesus as her own.
    Love you guys! Thanks so much for sharing this!