Friday, June 17, 2011

Just an ordinary week…

Since I haven't been super consistent with my blogging lately, I thought I would do a quick catch-up on all of the ordinary 2-year old things that have been happening lately.  Nothing surprises me any more.  

In a little over a week he has managed to scrape his elbow and wrist, skin both knees twice, get two splinters, and have at least four bug bites massively swell up (one of them being on his face). 

Jadon picked up another phone while I was on the line.  I realized it and turned to look for him and there he was standing in a doorway with the phone… in nothing but his diaper and socks. 

PB&J with pickles… (Yuck.  I had to look away during this one.)

On an overcast day, Jadon and I were talking about the weather and the color gray (because that was the color of the sky and also happened to be the color of his shirt).  I asked him if it was going to rain, to which he replied “yes.”  I asked him, “How do you know it’s going to rain?”  He looked at me with a puzzled look on his face, so I said, “Because the clouds are…”  “Wet,” he quickly replied.  Logical, and not completely inaccurate. 

Jadon played hide and seek with his blue bouncy ball.  Thankfully, he won. 

Jadon was so excited to go to a local steakhouse that has cows out in the front of it.  We often drive by it, but rarely eat there.  As we pulled into the parking lot he saw the cows up close.  As we walked through the parking lot he exclaimed that we were going to the barn (it was actually the restaurant).  Thinking that was very cute reasoning I said, “Yeah, it’s sort of like a barn…”  Little did I know what the result of my confirmation would be.  As we walked inside and made our way to our seats, Jadon went from saying “barn” and “cows” to screaming “barn” and “cows” at the top of his lungs, due to the realization that this was not actually a barn that we were visiting.  Thankfully after a brief visit to the cows out front he was ready to deal with the reality that the “barn” was actually a place to sit and eat lunch. 

After a visit from an aunt of mine, the next day Jadon was asking where she had gone.  Andy replied that she had gone home to work.  Jadon said, “Oh, work at church.”  Andy said, “No she doesn’t work at a church like Daddy.  She… hmmm…”  How exactly do you explain to a 2-year old what a CPA does?  Andy says, “She’s counting money.”  He seemed satisfied with that answer and throughout the rest of the day spoke several times of his aunt who was “home counting money.”  I fear that in a few years we may be revisiting this conversation in a new light when he hears the story of the moneychangers and Jesus in the temple. 

As he’s beginning to understand his… ummm… bodily functions a little more, Jadon’s had some interesting comments when preparing to have his diaper changed.  Two of my favorites in the last week or so have been the following:
            Jadon: “Mumma, I pooped.
            Me: “Oh really?  You did?”
            Jadon: (pause, thinking) “No.  Just gas.”  (walks away)
            Grammy B: “Come on Jadon.  We need to change your diaper.”
            Jadon: “Grammy, I poop.”
            Grammy B: “You pooped?”
            Jadon: (pause, thinking) “No.  I poop later.”

I was washing dishes while Jadon was playing at the table and overheard him say, Oscar, are you in there?”  Confused, I looked over at him to see that he was looking inside a container of green play-doh.  Makes perfect sense. 

With the warm temps finally here, we’ve entered into ice coffee season.  Jadon has observed Mommy and Daddy making ice coffee so much that he’s taken a liking to it as well.  Thankfully, Jadon’s ice coffee is quite easy to make – chocolate milk with an ice cube.  

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.  Hope this made you chuckle!

~ Carrie ~ 

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