Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 Thumbs Up

This week's 2 Thumbs Up goes right along with the organizing theme I seem to have going on this week.  (I must really be craving more order to my life!)  While looking through the A Bowl Full of Lemons blog I came across a link for Cozi.

It was a recommended family organization site, so I thought I'd check it out.  We've used it for 2 weeks now, and let me just say... We LOVE it!  I almost don't even know where to begin!

What is Cozi?  According to their site, "Cozi is a free web service that helps families manage crazy schedules, track shopping and to do lists, organize household chores, stay in communication and share memories—all in one place."  

What do we use it for?  There are a bunch of tools on the Cozi site, but the ones that we use are the calendar (which can be synced with Outlook and other online calendars), to do lists (which have many options... like for each family member, or for home and for work, or an actual Hunny-Do list!), and shopping lists for specific stores.  

the Cozi calendar feature

What is my favorite feature?  There are a lot to choose from, but I think my favorite feature is the app for the iphone or droid.  We don't have an iphone, but we do have an ipod.  The ability to access my shopping and to do lists wherever I am, including checking off items as I'm in the store has been wonderful!

Why use Cozi?  Whether you have teenagers in your home or it's just you and your hubby (or even singles/students), you can benefit from Cozi.  If you want to be more organized, plan ahead, and accomplish more goals, Cozi is a great way to help you out. 

I am in no way benefiting from sharing this info with you.  I've just enjoyed it so much I wanted to spread the news!  What's the harm in trying it out?  It's free!  Take a look!

~ Carrie ~

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