Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Home Pick

Another Wednesday is here and I’ve definitely decided to tackle the 21 Day Organizing Challenge from A Bowl Full of Lemons blog.  So for the next 3 Wednesdays I will be posting updates on how I’ve been doing.  I’ll swallow my pride and try to include as many before and after pictures as possible, although I must admit I often forget to do that!  This is how the next 3 weeks should will look.  (Must think positively.)

Week 1
·         Day 1 – Junk Drawer
·         Day 2 – Computer Desk
·         Day 3 – Tupperware Cabinet
·         Day 4 – Linen Closet
·         Day 5 – Under Kitchen Sink
·         Day 6 – Dresser Drawers
·         Day 7 – The Pantry

Week 2
·         Day 8 – Coat Closet
·         Day 9 – Toy Organization
·         Day 10 – Laundry Room
·         Day 11 – The Freezer
·         Day 12 – Spice Cabinet
·         Day 13 – Medicine Cabinet
·         Day 14 – Under Bathroom Sink

Week 3
·         Day 15 – Medicine/Vitamin Storage
·         Day 16 – The Fridge
·         Day 17 – The Mail
·         Day 18 – Keepsakes
·         Day 19 – Master Closet
·         Day 20 – Photos
·         Day 21 – My Pick!

As daunting as this long list is, I’m actually really excited to begin.  I’ve been meaning to get to many of these things (even so far as to have my organizational supplies ready to complete the process) but have yet to suck it up and just do it!  I’m also a bit relieved to say that a few of these areas will require little to no work either because we do a really good job at staying organized in this area or because it’s an area I’ve recently overhauled.  (Evidence that I do occasionally follow through on my cleaning endeavors!)

I’d love to know if anyone else is jumping on this bandwagon with me.  Also, if you like this then you may also be interested in the Weekly Challenges also on the A Bowl Full of Lemon blog. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!

~ Carrie ~


  1. I did most of the challenges and had fun! (Of course, I had it a bit easier since we were just unpacking from our move.) I'm sure I'll revisit them someday in the future. Have fun!!

  2. Are you friends with Kristin Brown on Facebook?? She's been posting pics

  3. Erica, yes I am! We also follow each other's blogs. She has been some of my inspiration for the 21 Day Challenge! It's been great so far, and has really motivated me to tackle some other areas of my house that aren't even on the list. I'll have before and after pics from the first week up on Wednesday!

  4. Jen, you are the whole reason I even know about the Bowl of Lemons blog. I saw you doing the 21 Day Challenge on your blog a while back and thought maybe I should do it, then when I saw Kristin doing it I said, okay it's time! You're house looks beautiful! Hope I get to see it in person sometime soon!

  5. After reading/catching up on your blog I have decided on 1) to do the 21 day challenge and on the days I don't have that room or section-I will find a different area if possible. 2) I am going to document my journey of getting rid of the cluttered mess & who knows what else...but it feels like a good place to start. Thanks for the motivation/push I have been needing!!

  6. Yeah! Documenting each day really helps to stay motivated. You appreciate more of what you're getting done. Hope it goes well!