Thursday, March 24, 2011

2 Thumbs Up

It's been pretty busy around here what with a toddler getting over a cold and cutting 2 year molars (3 down, 1 more to go!), getting ready to take a short vacation, and Bible study last night.  Needless to say, I was not able to put a primitive pick up yesterday.  So, I'm going to count today's post as both My Primitive Pick for the week and my 2 Thumbs Up post. 

There are areas of my house that, from time to time, drive me insane really irritate me because of their lack of organization and constant disarray.  So, this leads me to contemplate what I can do to solve this issue.  One of these most recent areas of my home has been the bookcase in my son's room.  It is a constant disaster area and I don't have the time (nor the desire) to straighten it up every couple days. 

Another thing is that I also want my almost 2-year old to be able to put his books away by himself, without me having to re-do everything he's done.  I couldn't really come up with any good ideas at first, but then (during some online decorative browsing) I stumbled onto this idea on the Better Homes & Gardens web site.  

With a first glance, this could almost look like my son in this picture!  Maybe someday I'll have a picture similar to this...

Brilliant!  No having to stack books upright (which can be very difficult for little ones).  It's very easy for little ones to put away without Mom having to come and fix it all after.  My next thought was, this would be so easy to make!  So, of course, I began strategically planning when I was going to bring this little project up to my hubby.  I waited until he finished his current project, highly praised him for all of his hard work, and then said something like, "You're really getting good at building things!" (which is the absolute truth!).  By this point I think he was beginning to catch on.  I brought up our son's awful bookcase (my husband is quite an organized, type a sort of person) and said I had a solution.  Long story short, he's on board with it, but we haven't really gotten to it yet.  Hopefully soon I'll post about this project being completed!  Then it will be time to move on to the next project!  (I have a wonderful husband!)  

~ Carrie ~

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