Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Primitive Pick

It's a miserably rainy day here and I've recently gotten all of my spring decorations up (which isn't much), so my primitive pick for today is...

Spring Decor!!

Sounds a little generic, I know, but decorating for has always been difficult for me (I'll explain why), so I wanted to lay out a few things that I've learned on how to decorate for spring.  

So what's so hard about decorating for spring?  Pull out some bunnies, eggs, and flowers and that's it.  Or is it?  If you have a very specific decor in your home, especially a very specific color palette, then you (like me) may have a hard time figuring out how to include some spring colors and decorations without it totally contrasting the rest of your home.  My living room, dining room, and kitchen are all mostly made up of neutrals (thankfully), but I do have some things that get in my way: a wine-colored recliner, a deep red color under the chair rail in the dining room, and a big sage green jelly cabinet (to name a few).  The things I decorate with cannot clash with these pieces because they are all so BIG!  So... here are a few suggestions (along with a link to where you can find a few of these things, since I don't have pictures for everything).  

1.  Glass - Bring in the light, whether it's a mirror, an old window pane, or some pitchers or other glass serving-type pieces.  Put it on display in a prominent place in your home - on a shelf, an entry-way wall, a mantel, or the table.  
Country Sampler

2.  Garden Items - You may not be able to get out and do much yard work yet, so why not bring the great outdoors in.  Decorate with some watering cans that match your existing decor, clay flower pots (with/without flowers in them, maybe even nested somehow), faux birds (can be found in a huge variety of colors, textures, and sizes), and birdhouses.  
Country Sampler

3.  Baskets - Since I've recently discussed baskets, I'll simply say this... Wicker or woven baskets in particular are nice this time of year because of their resemblance to nests and tree branches.  So if you haven't included more baskets in your decor yet, now is the time!
Pottery Barn

4.  Flowers - A few flowers in some strategic places go a long way.  For me, these places are my entryway (where people enter my home) and the dining room table.  Wherever the focal points of your home are, flowers easily brighten (and warm) up a stuffy, cold house once spring is on the way.  My particular choice is daffodils for two reasons: 1) I can get a small bunch of them from my grocery store for $1.99 and they are more than worth the money; and 2) They come in yellow or white, so if you want the ambiance of the flowers but can't handle the yellow in your decor, go for white.  There are, however, numerous other springtime flowers to choose from.  
Country Sampler

So, this is all I've learned so far.  Any other suggestions would be marvelous.  Stay tuned for some pictures of some pictures of my house with a few spring decorations.  For now, I think I'll wait to until the sun comes out before taking any.  

Check out the Flower and Craft Warehouse Outdoor and Easter sections for some of these very things that I've suggested... at really great prices, too!

~ Carrie ~

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